How to Begin an Effective Cybersecurity Routine

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When your business is operating at peak performance, it’s easy to think cybersecurity is something that can be put on the backburner. While this is never true, there are ways you can take some of the burdens off of your company and still ensure you have the right IT security services in place. It starts […]

Endpoint System Compliance Scanning

You have a great firewall, and it provides you VPN tunnels, your users enjoy connecting to your critical information from their home computers or BYOD devices all day. So how were you crippled by Ransomware when you have EDR, IPS, IDS and every other security device running on your network? It is because you did […]

What Does Cloud Security Involve?

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Whether it’s in the news, online articles or elsewhere, chances are you’ve heard a lot about cloud business solutions. Particularly, cloud security gets a lot of attention because of the issues surrounding cyber security across the world. While cloud security began as a controversial topic of discussion, those conversations have shifted dramatically to the point […]

Nist 800 -171 3.1.12

Monitor and control remote access sessions. This control is about how endpoints connect to your network and how you deal with them. The first way is to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts access to your network and since you have limited access in previous controls to cut to authorized individuals, those people should […]

4 Important Factors in Cloud Security

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Cloud security has come a long way in recent years, but it’s still not a foolproof system that completely eliminates the risks of a cyber attack. Understanding the ins-and-outs of cloud security isn’t entirely necessary when you work with cloud managed service providers. However, understanding the basics can strengthen your IT security services even more […]

NIST 800 -171 3.1.11

Terminate (automatically) a user session after a defined condition. The object of this control is to end a user session after a timeout period. This can be done again by using the GPO, Group Policy Object capabilities in windows. You can also leverage your other products that have timeout features to accomplish this goal. Most […]

The Benefits of Cloud Security

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As a business owner, data security should be one of the highest items on your list of priorities. So when you’re considering adopting cloud business solutions, security should be taken into consideration. The cloud itself offers many benefits for companies by providing scalability, flexibility, usability and more. And when your cloud business solutions also reduce […]

NIST 800 -171 3.1.10

Use session lock with pattern-hiding displays to prevent access/viewing of data after a period of inactivity. You can control when a screen saver will pop up with the Global Policies Object in windows. You will need to use GPO’s later so start getting used to setting up GPO’s for specific controls. You need to set […]

Sales Methodology

So you think you are good at sales? Do you say you can sell fire to the Devil or ice to Eskimos? Sure maybe you have a great personality, you shoot from the hip and a majority of the time you have no problems getting a meeting, maybe you pitch your product, maybe potential customers […]

The Ultimate Guide for Vulnerability Scanning

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One of the first steps to preventing a potential cyber attack is eliminating any holes a hacker could penetrate. The best IT security services will include vulnerability scanning, which is designed to identify those holes so hackers have a much harder time gaining entry into your network. Vulnerability testing and penetration testing are different, but […]