How to Know if Outsourcing Your 24/7 Customer Support is Right for Your Company

Business owners often have different perceptions when it comes to outsourcing. It can seem like a risky endeavor to some, while others see it as being a cost-effective option to provide the same level of support as hiring a whole team of in-house personnel. If your company offers 24/7 computer support, you can save a […]

Give Your Customers Greater Support with White Label Help Desk

Your customers deserve the best IT support. If they aren’t getting it, there are plenty of other options they can choose from. The last thing you want to happen is to lose customers because you’re unable to meet their needs. With white label help desk service, you won’t have to hire extra staff members in […]

3 Ways a White Label Help Desk Can Assist Your Company

As a business owner, you want your organization and your customers to have the best possible IT support at all times. You may have the top in-house staff in the industry, but if they aren’t equipped to handle customer inquiries around the clock and still get their day-to-day job duties done, then it may be […]

Why You Should Not Assume Your Small Business is Safe from Cyber Attacks

A common assumption among the majority of small business owners is a cybercriminal won’t waste their time trying to attack their organization. Besides, small businesses don’t have deep pockets and an abundance of resources, so why would anyone want to steal their information? The truth is cybercriminals feast on easy targets. And because of the […]

3 Reasons Why Businesses Keep Failing at Cybersecurity

The amount of cyber attacks on businesses is at an all-time high. Some of this has to do with sophisticated cyber criminals having different techniques that are hard to detect. Another big reason is that business owners don’t necessarily have the right IT security services in place. This makes it much easier for a cyber […]

How Do We Reduce the Cybersecurity Gap?

When you take the time to look at the many different ways a cyber criminal can attack a system, it may seem like it’s impossible to stop them from doing so. Even if you have a solid proactive IT management strategy and spend a significant amount of your budget on IT security services, chances are […]

Ten Key Questions Executives Should Ask About Cybersecurity Readiness

Cybersecurity readiness requires a collective effort among an organization. The newest employees all the way up to the owner of the company and everyone in between should be on the same page when it comes to cybersecurity. However, as a business executive, you may rely on your in-house staff to ensure the proper IT security […]

Inside a Hacker’s Plan

An eye-opening moment for some small businesses is when they see exactly what a hacker goes through to attack a network. It can sometimes be hard to truly understand what goes into a cyber attack, which could be one of the reasons why businesses don’t prioritize cybersecurity as much as they should. Having a quality […]

The Ins and Outs of Malware

One of the biggest threats that can take down an entire business is a cyber attack. In fact, more small businesses are having to close their doors every day because the result of a cyber attack is too much to recover from. Having a disaster recovery service help recover your files can only do so […]

Are Your Employees Compromising IT Security?

Sometimes businesses can spend a significant amount of money on IT security services in hopes of preventing cyber attacks, but their overall security is still out of their control. The reality is your employees are an investment in your company in many ways, including IT security. Without the proper expectations, policies, procedures and consequences, employees […]