Is IT Covered in Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

An IT disaster strikes businesses large and small across the country every single day. Without a disaster recovery plan in place, chances are your data will be gone forever. Ensuring all aspects of your IT are covered can be challenging unless you have the best IT management provider always monitoring your organization. It doesn’t do […]

The Importance of a Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Plan

The cloud has been one of the most beneficial innovations for businesses large and small. With the vast amount of data organizations have, the cloud is flexible enough to store it all securely and cost-effectively. It has gotten to the point where the cloud is becoming the norm for businesses, which is both positive and […]

How to be Proactive Against IoT Hacks

Businesses everywhere are becoming more flexible when it comes to allowing employees to use their mobile devices to perform work-related functions. There are some clear benefits to allowing this, but there are also some risks associated with it from a security standpoint. Any time your IoT device is connected to a network, a potential hacker […]

Why Being Up-to-Date on Cyber Security is Important

One of the hottest topics in the business world today revolves around cyber security. With cyber criminals being more sophisticated than ever before, it sometimes seems like business owners can only do so much, but an IT disaster is inevitable at some point. With the right IT support for small and midsize businesses, a little […]

Is a Mobile Device a Risk to Your Business’s Security?

It’s no secret more businesses are allowing employees to use mobile devices for their work today. While there are plenty of benefits to allowing this, there are also some potential security risks to be aware of. Hackers traditionally have only attacked desktop operating systems, but mobile device attacks are on the rise and will continue […]

It’s Time to Write a Disaster Recovery Plan

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is the best proactive IT management strategy a company can have. However, when the time comes to write out the plan, there are a lot of different things to think about. No two plans are the same, since each business has different goals, certain information they want to […]