HIPAA Audit Preparation Checklist

Preparing for a HIPAA audit isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The main thing to remember and practice is to always have your documents and files organized so you can present them upon request. Being diligent with your IT security services is also a great way to survive and prepare for a HIPAA audit. Not […]

How Strong is Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

One of the major pitfalls of any business from an IT standpoint is not having a strong disaster recovery plan in the event of an IT nightmare. Many businesses don’t know what they will do if their website is down or if they walk into the office one day to find out their network has […]

How Encryption Can Help Your Business

Having safe and secure business practices is essential to survive in the business world today. From an information technology standpoint, the basic practice every company should utilize is encryption. Not only will encryption help protect your own business documents, but also any confidential or sensitive information you have for your clients. Encryption is the top […]

Questions and Myths Surrounding HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

As cloud business solutions become more popular across various industries, there seems to be more questions than answers when it relates to HIPAA compliance. With the complexities of HIPAA rules and regulations, many healthcare providers are understandably uncertain as to whether they can use online cloud storage for their organization. It doesn’t help that there […]

How to Avoid DDoS attacks?

DDoS attacks have been on the rise over the past couple years, prompting organizations and managed network providers to elevate their security practices. A DDoS attack may not completely shut down your business permanently, but it can cause chaos and lost business due to the extreme amount of unwanted traffic to your website at any […]

Information Security Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make Part II

Part two of our two-part blog highlights more of the most common mistakes we see every day from organizations. Many of these mistakes seem like common sense, but the reality is people don’t take IT security as seriously as they should. In many ways, the main role of managed security service provider is to prevent […]