Guide to Moving Beyond Perimeter Security

Perimeter security has been around for several years, and it hasn’t really changed much in the big picture. Security measures like anti-virus software, firewalls and intrusion detection systems still need to be utilized today, but they shouldn’t be the only tools protecting your organization. Moving beyond perimeter security is a fairly new concept for organizations, […]

The PCI Survival Kit

Being PCI compliant means you are not only protecting your company’s confidential information, but your customers’ information as well. Data breaches happen every day across the globe, but the major ones happen when a company isn’t current on their security software or may have some holes to make it easier for cyber criminals to access. […]

The HIPAA Survival Kit

Being HIPAA compliant takes a group effort from every member of your staff. If just one person takes a wrong step, the whole healthcare facility can suffer as a result. HIPAA compliance is something every facility must take seriously. If that means hiring managed security service providers to ensure you remain compliant, then it’s worth […]

Stopping Trade Secret Theft in Your Organization

A company’s intellectual property can be its biggest asset. Trade secrets fall into that category and need to be protected with the highest levels of security. Many companies choose to implement secure IT server management from a third-party provider, and it’s one of the best decisions any company can make. Depending on the value of […]

How a Security Audit Will Reap Security Rewards

Anyone who owns a business should know and understand the importance of a security audit. If an IT disaster occurs, you could be putting your confidential information at risk. Even worse, your clients’ information could be compromised as well. Sometimes companies are able to recover after taking a financial hit, but others aren’t quite as […]

Five Ways Network Security Can Prevent Ransomware Infections

There aren’t many things more devastating than having your network infected by ransomware. Depending on the severity of the attack, you may have to halt business for a few hours, days or even weeks. But if you have a good online backup and recovery service as part of your network security, then you can lessen […]

How to Better Handle Network Security Alerts

Having a system setup to alert you of potential network security issues is a great system to have. However, many small and midsize businesses don’t act on those alerts properly until it’s too late. The fact is smaller companies don’t have the luxury of 24/7 security support with their in-house personnel. Even an on-call system […]

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