Enterprises misaligning security budget, priorities

Imagine paying for a small lock on your house every year. Burglars continue to break in despite what you think is a strong security deterrent. You spend the same amount every year on this inadequate security despite the different products on the market that promise to protect your home better. This is what some security […]


Select Restaurants, owner and operator of several upscale eateries found throughout the United States, is the latest victim of a point-of-sale breach. Among the restaurants impacted include: Boston’s Top of the Hub; Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach, Calif.; the Rusty Scupper in Baltimore, Md.; Parkers Blue Ash Tavern in Cincinnati; Parkers’ Restaurant & Bar in […]

Is Penetration Testing Required for HIPAA Compliance?

One of the main standards of HIPAA compliance is for companies to conduct frequent nontechnical and technical evaluations of their business. From the technical side of the requirement, businesses have to be able to show their systems are secure enough to be HIPAA compliant. The reality is many businesses don’t do frequent enough testing, or […]

How Does HIPAA Benefit Your Business?

Ask anyone in the healthcare industry about HIPAA and they likely won’t have many good things to say about it. HIPAA is designed to protect confidential patient information, and there are some very precise and detailed security rules to be followed as a result. However, being HIPAA compliant can actually be a good thing for […]

Is Change in Store for HIPAA Compliance in 2017?

Although HIPAA has been in existence for many years, its policies have changed considerably. The Office of Civil Rights has announced they will deliver further changes in 2017, most notably increasing the amount of audits and modernizing HIPAA. These changes will require businesses to alter their IT security services to remain compliant. Here are some […]

The Ultimate HIPAA Compliance Survival Guide

Every healthcare provider must comply with HIPAA guidelines, whether they like it or not. The problem is HIPAA guidelines can be so complex, it’s easy to misunderstand a certain standard or regulation. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding isn’t a valid excuse when it comes to a potential HIPAA audit. The good thing is there are […]

Is Your HIPAA Security and HITECH Audit Program in Order?

Businesses fail all too often with being prepared for a possible HIPAA audit. The reason why is simple. Organizations don’t prioritize IT security services as highly they should and, as a result, put themselves at risk of not being HIPAA compliant. There are some key steps to take to have an effective HIPAA security and […]