Top 10 Things Your Firm Should Do to Protect Client Information and IP

Protecting company and client information is of utmost importance. By having a complete managed IT support service, you can better protect your company and your clients from fraud. Here are 10 of the top things your firm should do to ensure your confidential information is protected. Provide Proper Training to Employees Employees could accidentally expose […]

For Businesses, Compliant Doesn’t Equal Secure

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking compliance equals security. In reality, compliance standards are simply universal guidelines for all businesses and don’t take security into consideration. Since all business environments are unique, they are also all open to attacks by potential hackers. Being compliant only provides a company with a limited level of security. […]

How to Do It Yourself: Tools That Will Help You Protect Your Network

Just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to cyber attacks. In fact, criminals are more likely to attack a small business since they typically don’t have as much data security as larger corporations. Having IT support for small business is essential in keeping the company running. However, some of these […]

What Do You Do When Ransomware Takes Over Your Network?

If you’ve never experienced ransomware taking over your network, consider yourself lucky. Cyber criminals are good at what they do, which includes disguising files and links to look completely harmless. Once you click on it, your computer and network are infected with malicious software to the point you may never see your valuable data again. […]

Should All Laptops Have Data Encryption Software?

Most businesses have some sort of encryption software for their main network computers, but sometimes laptops get overlooked. If your business doesn’t use encryption software, it’s time to start. Your confidential data and information are at risk if you don’t have the proper IT security services for laptops. Laptops are more easily lost or stolen […]