What Does Office 365 Have to Offer Toward Business Productivity?

For years, Microsoft has served as a trusted name in the business world. The company provides the leading productivity tools and their rate of usage can be rivaled by few other software companies around the world. Microsoft recently announced the release of Office 365, an upgrade to its long-running productivity suite meant to better cater […]

How to Kick off Your Web Conference Efficiently

Since the advent of the Internet and related advancements, businesses have relied on technology in recent decades more than ever before. One of the most widely used functions today is the web conference, which is rapidly replacing in-person conferences due to their flexibility and portability. Thanks to laptops and smartphones, people can now check in […]

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft has recently released a new, upgraded version of their cloud storage tools, known as Office 365. The program suite boasts a number of features meant to help boost office productivity. One such feature is Microsoft Bookings, a tool meant to improve the way they set up business appointments by eliminating much of the common […]

Here’s How You Can Get the Most out of Skype for Business

With the advent and rapid development of technology, it’s only natural the business world would follow suit and unfurl numerous major changes of its own. By now, we’ve come to utilize instant messaging services and other forms of digital communication for professional purposes, the most popular being Skype. As part of its online cloud service for businesses, Microsoft […]