How to Prevent Company Data Breaches

Company data breaches can be devastating to businesses. Many companies will close their doors within months of a data breach, depending on the nature of the business and what information was compromised. Once a data breach occurs, that damage is done and you can’t go back and stop it. However, you can take some preventive […]

Is On-Premise Data Storage More Secure?

Over the past several years, cloud storage solutions have begun to replace the traditional on-premise data storage. There are many debates and opinions about which one is more secure, and the answer really isn’t that simple. Both solutions have their pros and cons, but you can’t argue with the major companies that have switched from on-premise data […]

How to Keep Your Company Data Secure on the Cloud

When it comes to the issue of privacy anywhere in the cyber world, the short answer is there is none. It’s virtually impossible to keep your company data completely secure on the cloud or anywhere else, but there definitely are preventive measures you can take that will greatly increase the amount of security on the […]

Is Your Business Data Secure in the Cloud?

The ongoing debate in the business world is whether traditional IT services are more secure than storing information in the cloud or vice versa. One of the biggest myths is the cloud isn’t as secure because the company doesn’t have complete control over the security of its files. The reality is they are just as […]

Enhance Your Business Security with Network Encryption

You may feel like you have pretty good security with your company files, but hackers are a lot smarter than you think. Businesses are constantly having their data compromised by hackers by means of surveillance cameras, alarms and other access control technology. Employees will sometimes leave their computers on and unattended, which makes them more […]

Why Your Business Should Consider Email Encryption

No matter how secure you think your confidential business information is, your company is always vulnerable to a cyber attack. When that happens, you are putting your company, employees, and most importantly, your clients at risk of having their information compromised. While it’s widely known that email is not a safe or secure way to […]