Which Office 365 Business Plan Is Right for My Company?

With its creation of Office 365, Microsoft has truly attempted to make a program that has something to offer everyone. It comes with multiple service bundles for personal users and businesses alike. However, due to our target audience and professional focus on cloud business solutions, we will concentrate on business plans. There are six plans total for business-oriented Office […]

How to Transition to Office 365

The cloud sounds quite easy to use on paper. Many descriptions, including ours, describe it as one of the most convenient cloud computing IT solutions—an online portal that allows you to easily store and save your data for effortless collaboration and backup in the case of disaster. Indeed, this is true! However, moving your existing data from your current system […]

How Can Office 365 Benefit My Business?

If you’re currently in the market for cloud business solutions, you may have heard of Office 365. Now is the time to consider implementing it into your office workflow. It’s true Office 365 offers much of the same much loved features you will find in older versions of the Microsoft Office suite. However, Office 365 also offers a […]

Office 2013 Versus Office 365: Which Is More Productive?

If you have kept up with Microsoft news, you were probably aware of the releases of Office 2013 and Office 365, both of which debuted after Windows 8. However, to onlookers, these two programs may seem to be the exact same program under different names. In some ways, this is true. You will be getting […]

Office 365: The Basics

Much like its predecessors, Office 365 is quickly becoming one of the top ranking productivity and cloud storage solutions for businesses across the country and around the world. Office 365’s success could be attributed to its brand recognition. Microsoft Office Suite and its related products have been a trusted part of company management for decades and has developed a loyal […]

Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

If your company is in the middle of transitioning to the services of cloud managed service providers, you will have a lot to consider, including how much to pay for your services and how much storage you’ll need. However, you must also take into account whether you’d like your cloud to be public or private. Both of […]

Is Your Firm Ready for Office 365?

As one of the most trusty productivity brands, Microsoft Office 365 is rapidly taking over the managed IT solutions world. Whether your firm is a longtime user of Microsoft products or you are interested in converting to a new productivity service, Microsoft Office 365 may be the most fitting application for your office. Unsure of what it can do? We’ve […]

Is a Hybrid Cloud a Better Fit for My Business?

If you are currently shopping around for cloud storage solutions for your business, you’ve likely already heard of your two predominant options: a private cloud and a public cloud. Both of these have their advantages, depending on the type of business you run and what you want out of your cloud service. However, there is another option that will easily […]