10 Cybersecurity Statistics Every MSP Should Memorize

In the present times, the business professionals are most concerned by cybersecurity. Cyber-attack can really be very dangerous and cause some lasting damage to anyone. Managed Service Providers have made it a matter of prime concern to ensure that their clients are offered adept level of security. The current threats that are most common in terms of cybersecurity for any business. These are some of the major pit-stops that leave organizations very vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You must also know about all the repercussions of an unsafe organizational data. Know more about the threats, vulnerabilities as well as consequence in-depth.

What are the possible threats related with cybersecurity?

In the present times, cyber threats are very mutating and becoming increasingly better and difficult to detect. You can get better clarity on this when you read the following stats, these clearly highlight how ill-prepared businesses are and how large there are opportunities when it comes to protecting these cyber-attacks:

  1. Every 39 seconds (on an average) a cyber-attack strikes data.
  2. Hacking tools and kits are now available online at a very nominal cost of about $1.
  3. It has been predicted that the cybercrime will globally amount to a whopping $6 trillion annually by 2021.
  4. 1 in 323 emails are malicious.

What are the vulnerabilities associated?

To manage the vulnerabilities there are some defined levels of risk, some of which come with the fact that you are associated with a business. However, you must not be troubled by the thought of cyber-attack since there is a possible cure and method to combat the same. If you are yet unsure of the severity of situation, know more about the same with the statistics conveyed:

  1. Employee training needs more investment, this can help reduce the overall risk of a cyber-attack by about 45-70%.
  2. 95% cybersecurity breaches are traceable due to human error. 
  3. 62% small businesses lack the skills in-house which are important to safeguard the security issue.
  4. About 52% businesses reportedly feel helpless when it comes to defending themselves against a new cyber-attack.

What are the consequences?

Nothing is possible without diligence and effort, to find a lasting and effective solution be sure that you have a staff or team that knows how to handle the task well.

  1. 44% businesses suggest that about $10,000 is lost in just one hour of downtime.
  2. Small businesses might lose their businesses completely after a breach.

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